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Sales & Maintenance of indoor and office plants in Dubai - Contact 055 8709966 or mail us

Watering is that the very first thing the majority deem once considering indoor plant maintenance. it's the foremost vital issue, however not the sole one, once it involves keeping plants wanting their best. Generally, overwatering is much a lot of common than below watering, and will a lot of hurt to interior plants than it might outdoors.

Dusting and polishing of indoor plant displays makes all the distinction between the plants looking simply OK, or wanting stunning. It is time intense, however it's time well spent. The result's immediate, and visual. Tired looking plants become enticing, vibrant, and eye catching.

Pruning and trimming are essential for many indoor plants to stay them tidy and in form. Removal of dead leaves and twigs keep the plants looking fresh and reduces the potential for pests and diseases. General trimming to stay plants in form may be a routine a part of in progress maintenance. Vigorous plants will need pruning to stop them outgrowing the accessible area, significantly during a crowded workplace space.

Feeding indoor plants is area wherever many of us make up one in all 2 categories; people who are killing with kindness, and people neglect. A middle of the road approach is best, and therefore the aim should to be to stay plants healthy, however to not encourage quick, weak, growth.

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Kentia Plant with coffee Brown Fiber Pot


Spathiphyllum Plant


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Azalea Plants


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Orchid Plant


Spathiphyllum and dieffenbachia Plants